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Oculus App Lab approved, now you can buy this app here : 


Welcome to Sep’s Diner, the new burger restaurant of which YOU are the Chef! Will it really become the best burger in town? It’s up to you! Level after level, your experience will increase as well as the number of your gourmet customers. They are in a hurry, so make it quick to satisfy them before they leave!

Hungry, they won't let you make a mistake, even though burger orders will become more and more complicated... Be attentive and precise, to make the best possible profit!

Game Features:

  • 3 game modes included: Timed, Relaxed, Studio
  • 24 levels included (12 per mode, except Studio)
  • Co-op Multiplayer mode up to 4 players
  • Challenging but not impossible!
  • Choose your prefered navigation mode (teleport, smooth, roomscale)
  • Intense and thrilling levels in Timed mode
  • Chill and take your time on Relaxed mode
  • Immersive audio ambiance
  • Impatient customers with fun voices
  • Beautiful scenery and colored lights
  • Increasing difficulty level after level
  • More than 30 different combinations for burgers recipes!

We have a ton of new ideas and more features to add, so if you have ideas + feedback, tell us in our Discord. 

Coming soon

  • Team battle mode
  • Ultra mode
  • More levels
  • More recipes
  • New restaurants
  • More fun!
Release date Nov 04, 2020
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorScale-1 Portal
Tagscooking, Co-op, Multiplayer, Oculus Quest, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsOculus Quest


HowToGetAppLabKeyForBuyers.txt 1 kB
SepsDiner_Demo.apk 300 MB

Install instructions

Dear buyers,

You may know it already, but Sep's Diner has been approved for App Lab! You can find its page right here: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3590778937626214/

As promised, we provided a key for all buyers, so that you can enjoy the App Lab version of Sep's Diner, including a smaller kitchen, automatic updates and finally having Sep's Diner with a nice icon in your library instead of unknown sources.

Redeem instructions:

To get the store version of Sep's Diner in your Oculus Quest library, you just need to enter the free Oculus key we provided. To do that, just follow these instructions:

- Go on Sep's Diner itch page https://scale1portal.itch.io/seps-diner and use the Download button.

- Once you are on the download page, you can click on "Get Oculus Key". Don't forget to copy your key!

- You can then use it on https://secure.oculus.com/redeem-code/ : paste the key and click on the arrow.

That's it! You now have Sep's Diner in your Quest library!

If you have a question, a problem or a request, feel free to contact us at contact@scale1portal.com or come chat with us and others players in our Discord:  https://discord.gg/B7w33ZnYY3

Development log


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where tf is pcvr


amazin game how do i get muiltiplayer and how long till free play?


do you have a pcvr ver?

Deleted 2 years ago

I have no idea


I need some help. I purchased this game in sidequest for full price but didn't have an itch account during the process. I don't see a "get oculus key" button on the download page. Where do I get my key?

Loving this game! Did you know it's not enabled for app sharing? I really want to share it with my wife on the same Quest 2. Would be great if you could enable app sharing, or ask Oculus to enable it for you, I'm not sure how it works. :)

fantastic your on app lab will there be keys for people who purchased this game?? 10/10 love the game

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Its already on the download page for me. (I bought during the specific waiting for app lab bundle which promised an Oculus key if that makes a difference I'm not sure) - Thanks to the Developers!

thank you 

Yes! First batch have been released, as sambartle said. If you missed it, we will add more in the next days! :-)

I got one thank you,  great game we all love it,

I'm loving the game so far! If I recommend anything, I'd say an infinite mode would be a great choice, so that the game has more replay value, and would also be a fun addition to the game! I hope you are having fun playing the game, and you should keep up the good work! Stay safe!


I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE this game so far, very excited for future updates. So thank you very much.

But, I'm trying to update this game and I'm not sure how. When I try and do it on sidequest, it breaks. It says I have to delete the original game, and then install it. If I delete it, do I lose my progress?

Thank you very much for your review! We're thrilled that you love our game.

Unfortunately, to prepare Oculus Applab migration, the signature of the APK file has changed. You'll have to delete the original to update with the last version, and so sorry for that but yes, you will lose your progress. It shouldn't happen again with the future updates, and with AppLab the updates will be automatic. 

Aw, that's disappointing but thanks anyways!

Will not work in a normal size house.There needs to be a update to shrink the work area down,Are you will punch holes in everything.Good game but a garage is the only place you can play this game.

Hi orionsbelt1962,
You have several navigation modes available to avoid punching everything around you: you can choose teleport navigation, or choose the joysticks navigation for a smooth translation. For roomscale navigation, for now, you indeed need a large space of approximately 10x10 ft / 3x3 meters, but we are working on making it smaller!